You must be our LUCKY STAR…

Dj Chlobotomy cause not only did you shine us all with that killa playlist, you made us smile & glow with dancing satisfaction.  Seriously you turned my day around…it went from this:

sleepy catTo this:


***minus the penis.

Right from the beginning, the whole day just got better…this dj lives up to her name cause she left the room incapacitated with her tunes…it just kept making us lose our $%@# tune after tune.  It’s like Dj Chlobotomy took a big stick, shoved it up our nose, swirled our brains around, and left us like this:


All the ladies thankfully recovered to continue on the rest of their week filled with Rainbows, puppies, kitties, and unicorns.



Don’t believe this post, check out the playlist and judge for yourself:

Chlobotomy PlaylistOr give it a listen: Dj Chlobotomy on Rdio





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