It’s an ENIGMA!

This is  what happens when we are left with no DJ, we den mamas are left to come up with a little something something to get the ladies in the house to shake it like there is no tomorrow.  We comb through the song data base (seriously check it out!) to find out what are the most popular songs of 2013 so far & this is what we came up with:

Most popluar 2013

Now it should be noted–we couldn’t fit in all the most populartastic songs of 2013…its only 60 minute mix yo!  We needed to leave out a certain someone from this mix cause let’s face it as DJ INCREDIBLE ZULK noted, “how could we miss him if he doesn’t go away?”  So, sorry Macklemore even though your song “Can’t Hold Us” has been played 9 times (whoa) at DDPP this year…we still adhere to this:

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 2.55.56 PM


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