We got your CO-ED right here!

Jingle your balls

3rd times a charm…right?  Dayum skippy it is!  3rd annual co-ed dance extravaganza, Dance the Halls with Jingle Balls, took place on Sunday 12/8.  This thing had men, women & children dropping their stuff like it was on FIRE! We were so thrilled to see all the guys come dance their hearts out…not to mention the kiddos who lasted 90 minutes (woof!).  There was jiggling, clapping, laughing, smiling, foot stomping & even BREAK DANCING.  Everyone took to the dance floor to get their holiday cheer on in a big way.  Not only was there 90 minutes of dance goodness (playlist brought to you by dj Hot Frosting)…we were able to raise $402 (plus 25 gifts) for Angel Tree.  The generosity of the attendees was simply pure holiday miracle…did we mention it was snowing like nobody’s business outside?  Your giving hearts are AWESOME!

You were able to help provide gifts for the 300 kids who attended the Angel Tree party on Saturday 12/14 where den mother Unity works…take a look at what you help do:

Photo: Angel Tree activities 12/14/13 #gifttable #games #crafts #registration

The kids had a blast as you can see and you helped make the happen!

While you made that happen den mothers Dj Sex Frosting (Amy) & Dj HotDish (Danielle) put together a labor of love to get our hearts racing…check out the playlist here:

Jingle Balls 3 (1)


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