MC Escher


I don’t think I’ve taken a full minute to fully blab on this here blog about how excited I am that Mz. Liz Mason has been newly named a den mother. She’s been kicking it old school with ferocious energy pretty much since DDPP became a thing we do in Chicago. So I was quivering with anticipation for her first mix as a den mama, and gurl, she did not disappoint! Ladies were dancing so hard that shirts were being ripped off left and right. Everything about this mix was absolutely killer! Thanks for bringing PURE ENERGY to the room, MC Escher. We love you.

And if you missed her mix (or you LOVED it and want to listen to it on repeat for every workout ever), you can DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE(!) on her blog here.


MC Escher tracklist DDPP 4-30-14

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