I Can Haz Internet Time Travel Kitteh

I Can Haz Internet Time Travel Kitteh

MC Escher here. When I was making the mix for Wednesday’s DDPP (6/11/14), I noticed that inadvertantly, a very definitive theme emerged, and it was this: an ancient Egyptian-sphinx-cat creature got caught in a time machine, maybe on the internetzez and somehow ended up in the present, all with the intention of creating a totally dope dance party. Let me tell you why I think this! I know you just dying to know. I mean, this is some real edge-of-your-seat information here. Yes. THIS WILL BE ON THE QUIZ. Firstly, there are at least four (4) songs that in some way make reference to cats or meowing. Secondly, there are at least three (3) songs that have some reference to Egypt or those “ancient Egyptian”-y musical stylings. Thirdly, there are at least five (5) songs that either interpolate, make direct reference to or are in some way influenced by time machines or retro/vintage-motifs. How did that happen? I have no idea, but the important thing is that you can download mix as one long dance-around-in-yer-room track for freeeeee here. I even added in those super annoying airhorns to let you know it’s the last fast song. You’re welcome!


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