DJ Beastmaster, More Like a Beatsmaster


DJ Beastmaster Mix Tape

DJ Beastmaster helped us get our Wax Trax on last Wednesday, and her hand-written playlist was so awesome I couldn’t not just scan it and include it here. And as any DDPP DJ can attest, when one DJs for a session of DDPP, it’s a little scary; you’re baring your soul for a group of people. You’re essentially playing host for a party, hoping everybody is enjoying themselves. Sharing your musical taste can be a little unnerving! So in honor of DJ Beastmaster for Wed, July 27th sharing this piece of herself with us, and in honor of her playing the goth/industrial/punk I had a special place for in high school, I will bare a mortifying photo of myself for you all, from my fourteen year old self in 1988.

I Myself Am Strange and Unusual

MC Escher, 1988

The best part of the photo is the contrasting suburban decor of my parents’ kitchen. Those lace curtains really match the black lipstick and dog tags.

You’re welcome!

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