DJ Hot Dish Celebration In the House

DDPP den mother DJ Hotdish turned thirty and rang in the next decade of life sweatin’ it out with us on the dance fla on Wed, 7/30. If I hadn’t lathered myself in such an “ecstasy of dance”-state of exhaustion after her kick ass playlist, I (MC Escher) would have been the first to commence a jolly round of Happy Birthday.

I’d also like to take a time out to say thank you to DJ Hot Dish for making me feel so welcome when I became a DDPP den mother. It is her playfulness, thoughtfulness and strength that makes me proud to be her friend and collaborator. If there’s anybody who can convince you into doing preposterous things like making a five-feet-in-diameter nest and sitting in it in a fancy neighborhood and then taking a picture, it’s DJ Hot Dish, who is always up for shenanigans, like dressing up as the statue she’s standing in front of.

DJ Hot Dish is not in Kansas anymore.

DJ Hot Dish is not in Kansas anymore

Happy thirty years, my friend. Keep on keepin’ on.

Now check out that dope playlist!



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