DJ in absentia

When our regularly scheduled DJ had a last-minute conflict, we raided the DDPP archives for this killer mix from when former den mama DJ Lady Kstud was in town back in December. It also just happens that her birthday is this week and, well, you know from recent evidence how much we love celebrating our birfdays with dancing.

Because she wasn’t there to speak for herself at the time, we thought we’d give DJ Lady Kstud the mic here on the blog:

What made you do this mix from across the country?
No one in LA is willing to be seen sweating. I’m outsourcing my sweat to Chicago. It’s pretty common practice.
How are the A-list red carpet puppeteer gala events of the puppeteer scene in LA?
Honestly, it’s like some of these people really have something up their butts.
What was that hilarious last song with the elephant tuba noises that made us fall apart on the dance floor?
Higher Ground by TNGHT? It’s meant to make you lose your mind.
Would you be into Skype-ing in your mix next time?
Nah. You gotta be there!
Is there a DDPP in LA? No? Can you totally start one?
There is no DDPP in LA (yet), but I’m going to host a one-off in September to see if there’s interest.
Where do babies come from?
Ask your den mother.

Screenshot 2014-08-26 19.19.08


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