DJ Dilletantish Creates a Soundtrack For Getting One’s Freak On and Jumping In the Line

What’r the chances of two songs in a DJ’s playlist also just coincidentally appearing in a totally different artist’s mashup? Apparently, very high, thank you very much. This past Wednesday (the 22nd) DJ Dilletantish played Get Ur Freak On and Jump In the Line, both of which, by a strange and magical coincidence, are featured in DJ Fl!p’s Moombahton Club Mix Vol. 2 mashup. Check out around 5:01-7:45, it’s kind of awesome and serendipitous…


Thanks, DJ Dilletantish, for some fat beats!

P.S. Has anyone ever noticed the hilarity of these lines in Kanye West’s Stronger?: “You know how long I’ve been on you?/Since Prince was on Appolonia/Since OJ had Isotoners.” Gold.


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