Remember Remember the Fifth of November…Because we Shook Our Booties With Bell Biv DeHoe

On November fifth the British celebrate Guy Fawkes Day. This holiday commemorates the capture of Guy Fawkes, one of thirteen men who planned to blow up Parliament with thirty six barrels of gunpowder on that date in 1605. In celebration, the Brits light firecrackers and make bonfires. I can’t figure out if they’re celebrating the attempt to blow up the government or the failure to blow up the government. But what I do know is that instead of burning an effigy of Guy Fawkes (as King James decreed all should do every November 5th), Bell Biv DeHoe treated us to a spectacular musical display of fire’n’anarchy songs.

Sense a theme here?

And with such an oxygenated playlist (buh-dump-bump-ching!), of course we were so exhausted that we could barely move, what with BURNING UP all those calories and all. What a workout!


We were all workin’ out some o’that angry ass anarchist sweat on da floor up in there. Then I’m at my crib bein’ all educatunal all up in thaaaa house, if you know what I’m sayin’.

Now those some potent tunes!


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