Breaking Down Pop Music with MC Escher

tracklst 110914-2

During our post workout glow, I overheard a frequent dancer say to MC Escher that her mixes are like a dissertation in pop music. I couldn’t agree more. My head was still spinning from the realization that, like, every pop song we loved in the summer of 2013 had some form of overlapping themes or lyrics (check out SUMMERMASH ’13), and then I was literally pummeled in the stomach with the Britney Spears masterpiece BITCH BITCH. Peals of laugher echoed throughout the room as women shook, shimmied, and pounded to that sweet sweet… I don’t even know what to call it. A dubbing? Whatever it was, I never want it to end. Other amazing things happened too, of course… this mix brought out the animal instincts in all of us with its lightning fast tempo, its mention of Russian Unicorns and it’s joyful celebration of everything a little bit freaky. I can’t wait to work out to this mix… and MC Escher of course set it up so we can all download one long track to bring us dance joy any day of the week! Thanks for an amazing night, MC Escher!


MC Escher Nov 9th, 2014


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