If Your Friends Don’t Dance Then They’re Probably Not People I’d Desire to Be Associated With

DJ Bass Cadet rolled out s’more pop gems Wed, 11/12, and confound it, if I wasn’t jamming with my hands in the air to the Safety Dance when I thought to myself “Hmm, this S arm move (you know, the “S” for “Safety” move) everybody makes fun of in the video, that’s the same move that Keanu Reeves does in the subway in the first Matrix movie when he’s fighting an agent.” So of course, after collapsing into exhaustion after DJ Bass Cadet’s steamin’ mix and crawling home, I immediately had to consult the internet to confirm this theory. I think I might be onto something.

safetydance S move

The Safety Dance 

Matrix Safety Dance

Also kind of the Safety Dance

Anyway, I dare you to then spend all night watching variations of people’s interpretations of The Safety Dance on youtube. I’M NOT SAYING I DID THIS OR ANYTHING. Anyway, your curiosity will be rewarded. I got caught up in one in particular, which kind of made me all like, Ah! The ecstasy of dance! in a real you know, carpe diem-y kinda way.

Doesn’t this make you want to like, go to a dance academy? Or like, stage a flash mob or something (yeah yeah, sooooo 2006 i know i know)?

Anyway, thanks, DJ Bass Cadet, for the tunes! It’s hilarious what gets prompted when the right tune is played at the right moment.


DJ Bass Cadet2

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