Keepin’ It Warm In Full Form

MC Escher here. Wudda freaky cold Wednesday (1/7/15), but somehow ladies came out! Thank you for indulging my mix that somehow combined elements of the following:

-A few songs that sound like you could strip to them!
-At least three songs where I put in just the parts of the songs that I like and scrapped the rest like a pop song money shot!
-Chicago club Medusa’s in 1990!
-One (1) song that argued the difference between a turtle and a tortoise!
-And one surprisingly catchy Bad Lip Reading song I couldn’t resist!

Click HERE to download my whole mix as one long track. I do this because everybody loves a good workout mix, and I enjoy making them. But it’s not just good for dancing around in the room in your underwear to. Might I also suggest using this mix for other things? Jump up and down on the bed! Jam in your car! Strut down the street like you’re a badass! Run around your hood while air drumming/gesticulating shamelessly! Let me know what else you come up with when you see me in class when I’m there on Wednesdays (and sometimes Sundays). Enjoy!

MC Escher DDPP Jan 7 2015 track list

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