Thoughts on Permanence: DJ Stain Leaves Her Mark

So, a lil’ bit of philosophy as we wait for The Big Snow (or at least the biggest so far this winter) to blanket us.

Our bad-ass, chicks-rule, eff-judgement boogie-downs are finite, right? They last an hour each. But…they leave a mark, especially if you keep joining us on the dance floor year after year, and sharing your playlists. They remind you that showing your true self is good, and right, and beautiful. And eventually, that feeling stays with you beyond the hour in which we all share it. It’s like a stain on your everlovin’ soul that you never want to come out.

Thank you, DJ Stain, for another great mix. Peace, love, and fierceness. XO

DJ Stain 012515

And now, den mama Allison’s favorite track from Stain’s playlist, if she *had* to pick just one…


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