Where’s the Theme?

I’ll admit it: I’ve been distracted lately. LIFE, you know? So when I forgot to ask veteran DJ Rapsputin at the beginning of class if there was anything she wanted to tell us about her recent mix, the mistake gnawed at me for the following 60 minutes. This, after all, is the DJ who managed to create an entire playlist about how men are not allowed to tell women they shouldn’t cut their hair. Along with her friend DJ Disco Biscuit, she crafted an entire ode to Space Jamz. And one that took us around the world without ever leaving the studio. So when our 60 minutes were up and we were able to query our DJ about the possible sources of her inspiration, fellow den mama Jennon and I had a couple of ideas. My personal favorite (because I make no sense) was Where’s The Beef, a way of acknowledging the social media-fueled feud between Azealia Banks and pretty much everyone, always  Angel Haze, two artists who managed to somehow peacefully co-exist on her playlist.

Why so angry, ladies? You are Both. So. Pretty.

Jennon went in another direction: “Was it something International? Or, like, about the drums? Because that Paul Simon song…” (Cue my excuse to link to the trailer for Obvious Child, which you should probably go watch on Netflix immediately because GUH SO GOOOOOD)

Well, turns out it was a bit simpler than that. In DJ Rapsputin’s words: “I don’t know…I think it started with something like, ‘I’m FABULOUS!'” That you are, DJ, that you are. Behold!



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