Happy Birthday, Here’s Some Equations!

Very Very Very Scientific PolyAlphabetic Chart of Some Sort of Information Regarding Wednesday’s Playlist That Is Very Important That You Should TOTALLY Study

In honor of her 31st birthday, DJ Miss Kris did extensive research for her playlist (Wed, 4/15). She studied both the archives section of the Billboard website and her own iTunes library, to assemble #1 hits between 1984 and present day, grouped by eras. Clearly, her team in the lab at DJ Miss Kris Industries worked tirelessly to bring us a grade A performance playlist, scoring high marks in dancer satisfaction. There is no doubt in our minds that there were office supplies used and maybe some beakers. Most likely equations were involved. We suspect there may even have been bunsen burners, or at least safety goggles of some sort. Unconfirmed but extremely reliable sources report there was at least one petri dish. DDPP agents have confiscated DJ Miss Kris’ state-of-the-art playlist, and after processing it in our own DDPP Unencryption Dance Program™, we have cracked the code of her logarithmic equation, and are revealing her playlist, now finally, at last, revealed publicly:

d2p2 a Song Titles

We also ran tests on the playlist, and have found these points to be salient:

d2p2 pie is good

Pies are delicious. If you have a choice between the big pie (left) and the small pie (right), we advise the big pie.


Lionel Richie ate the last donut.

Lionel Richie ate the last donut.

Happy birthday, DJ Miss Kris. May the rest of your year be as fun as your playlist was!


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