Throw Your Hands Up for the Queen of Mashups!

We here at DDPP know that MC Escher likes to play it fast and loose with the creative mixes and energetic jams but WOWIE-ZOWIE did she bring it last Wednesday! We hearby crown her Queen of the Mashups!

queen liz anime

To kick things off, DDPP dancers were treated to 3 full minutes of songtastic demands to throw our hands up in the air (and to do it because we just don’t care). You really never realize how bossy many songs are until you hear them sing/yell the same thing over and over again. Energy Level: PUMPED!

lisa kudrow hands again lisa kudrow hands up

You’d think with all the hand-throwing and just-don’t-caring we’d get a break but NO! That’s not how MC Escher rolls and we know that! The musical BEAST was UNLEASHED! Check out these jams:

What happened next was a blur of jam on jam on jam on jam—was it a few songs or was it a million? I don’t know! I may have blacked out—it was that good! But I do know that it was a sweaty, energy-busting whirlwind power hour of greatness. Ding dong this bitch is dead!

All the hail the Queen of Mashups!

p.s. you can download the whole mix as one file here!

party hard queen


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