DJ Devil Bunny Raises Hell on the Dancefloor!

We all love DDPP–duh!–and one of the best parts about DDPP is the variety of music and experiences each week offers. In fact, I spontaneously wrote this poem about it:

You never know what’s in store / every time you walk through the door / I dance and dance until I’m sore / and I always leave wanting more.


Anyway, I was thinking about this because this past week we had a small crew dancing it up, which was awesome because when DJ Devil Bunny hit “play” we needed all the room we could GET to get our dang butts all up on these beats! (#seriouswordsmithing)


DJ Devil Bunny is a longtime DDPP regular, so when she is slotted for DJ time, we pay the F$%# attention! And per usual, she did NOT disappoint! Here is the killer playlist from DJ Devil Bunny (eek–killer bunnies!)

Devil Bunny playlist

Oh, and for good measure, DJ Devil Bunny supplied us with this sweet jam!


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