Birthday SSsseeeeexxxx Ssssnnnaakkkkeee!!

Remember this game? (It’s like Catchphrase but with luxurious 70s hair and Dick Clark..)

dick clark pyramid

Let’s step into the circle and PLAY!

Peanut Butter + Jelly

Tandem Bicycles

Hot Fries in a Cold Frosty

Unicorns headbanging in a fiery inferno

DJ Sex Frosting + DJ Ssssssnnnaaaakkkkee

Answer: Things that go perfectly together!

On Wednesday, July 15, DDPP dancers were gifted with the double-trouble dance dream team of DJ Sex Frosting and DJ Ssssnake, which together make DJ Ssssex Ssssnake!

sex snake

This unique union chose to celebrate their BIRTHDAYS the best way possible: Through the feet-bustin’, beat-droppin’, blood-pumpin’ power of DANCE!

Happy Birthday you stone-cold team of weirdos! Thanks for bringing the treats and the beats!

unicorn birthday

Ssssex Ssssnake Playlist (7.15)

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