DJ Rapsputin Gives Us The Sillies!

As one Den Mama pointed out on Wednesday (8/26), DJ Rapsputin always has a good story to go along with her great playlists. This time, all she said was “These are songs that make me silly!” (or something very close to that…I can’t remember verbatim, I was too busy getting excited, okay?)

Silly gif

Another silly element: DJ RAPSPUTIN is a silly take on a silly Russian Mystic who sillily disappeared mysteriously…

(This intense dude: rasp1a )

While many don’t know what happen to the real Rasputin, Just Dance 2 made sure we had his sweet moves forever preserved. I mean, it’s pretty amazing…

While he’ll never compare to the dancing queen that is DJ RAPSPUTIN, we gotta admit, this guy’s got swagger…


To Russian historical figures and dance fans everywhere, behold the the silly majesty that is DJ RAPSPUTIN’s PLAYLIST:

DJ RAPSPUTIN Screen shot 8.26.15


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