DJ Bell Biv DeHo: Here is Your Life!

Remember this Guy?


Those of a certain age will recall that this isn’t a normal guy…he is Guy Smiley, the Muppet host of the Sesame Street parody show, “Here Is Your Life!” Take an stroll down memory lane with this classic clip of the life of a loaf of bread (Ahhh, the genius of the Muppets).

On Wednesday, Sept 9, as I was jumping/dancing/singing/swinging/sweating/smiling and having a general BLAST on the dance floor, this Guy popped into my head because admidst the beats, I was having a profound life realization — Here is your life: full of friends, movement, joy, excitement, cool downs, warm ups, taking breaks, new mixed with old, trendy mixed with classics, general merriment in bursts of activity, and gratitude for rest.

Yours truly, DJ Bell Biv DeHo, crafted and curated the Wednesday DDPP playlist to celebrate not only my upcoming birthday (woo hoo!) but also because I love putting together a body-blasting playlist. There have been a lot of personal ups and downs lately but on Wednesday, at that moment, Guy Smiley popped in my brain as a reminder: Here is your life, and it’s fun and joyfully buoyant (joyant!) and pretty damn great.

To those who were dance—in body or in spirit—on Wednesdays, or Sundays, or any other time— y’all make DDPP the kind of place that it is and having that reminder in the moment is pretty damn great.


Okay, sappy time over. It’s playlist time!

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