DJ Devil Bunny (and New Den Mama)!

Ladies. LADIES. There is LITERALLY no need to worry, because when the world needs den mothers, DEVIL BUNNIES APPEAR AND MAKE IT ALL BETTER! We were sad to say goodbye to our dear DJ AWOL (who will continue to make dance floor appearances, so please don’t fret), but what a lovely addition a little devil bunny makes to my workout on Sunday afternoon!

DJ Devil Bunny kicked off her new role by making us JUMP for this non-stop fist pumping festival of dance. Side note: can we  talk about how much I’d love to attend a fist pumping festival? Because I really want that to happen now! I CAN’T GET ENOUGH of this mix. She had me saying CARPE DIEM as I whipped out all my best dance moves. We were PUTTING ON THE RITZ all over North Center. If you were to ASK me how I felt about myself after, I would have said, “HOT, GIRL.”


Mix below! We look forward to many devilish delights from our favorite bunny.
Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 11.27.50 PM


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