DDPPer Colleen Gets Us Moving with #MoveForFriends!


We partnered with the teen dating violence prevention program REACH (through Between Friends) to help spread the word to end domestic violence. Colleen, a DDPP regular and director of the organization, guest-blogs this week to give us more insight into the #MoveForFriends campaign and how we can help. Take it away, Colleen!

I’ve gotten some of my best ideas while at Dance Dance Party Party.  A few months ago we were starting to think about how we can celebrate our 20th year of our teen dating violence prevention program at Between FriendsREACH.  While I was in this meditative yet crazy sweaty and, most importantly, safe space I thought up the concept behind #Move4Friends.

Naturally, I thought about our REACH youth leaders and the fact that quite a few of their recent awareness raising events have been dances.  I thought about how Between Friends has really been a leader in the movement toward truly preventing domestic violence in a field where we’re so used to intervening only after an abusive incident has “gone too far”.  I thought about something Miriame Kaba, one of our previous REACH Team managers, said just a few months prior: “Services will never end violence. We need a movement to end violence.” Movement makes sense.

So that’s what #Move4Friends is all about. We’re getting entire communities involved in this movement to end domestic violence by simply moving.  Every step, every stride, every turn, every move will help raise awareness of domestic violence in our communities and expand the movement to end it. Most #Move4Friends events will raise much needed funds to support the prevention work that the Between Friends REACH Team does every day.  Our hope is that everyone who participates in a #Move4Friends event will walk away with a bit more knowledge about what Between Friends does and be urged to help surge this movement forward.

I’m so happy that Dance Dance Party Party has committed to supporting the #Move4Friends Initiative by donating ALL of the October class fees ($5 per person) to Between Friends! Classes are Sundays at 4pm and Wednesdays at 7pm.  I hope to see you there!


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