A Back Catalog of Jams Unfurled by DJ Peterman Catalog

The DDPP mailbox was stuffed with DJ Peterman Catalog’s rockin’ jams on Sunday (9/27). A little known fact: the J Peterman Company does actually sell a dancing dress…

Screen shot 2015-10-06 at 9.49.17 PM

Jitterbugging Encouraged


With a playlist that covered an eclectic mix of everybody from Rihanna to Willow Smith, the mirrors got steamy, the moves were rollin’ and a, well, you know, ZEST FOR LIFE prevailed.

The atmosphere created by the right tunes at the right times makes DDPP perpetually feel like we’re somehow happily engaged in a movie montage sequence of joie de vivre. You know the scenes I’m talking about in movies: maybe it’s the shopping and makeover sequence at the mall, maybe it’s training for the big competition, or maybe it’s the wedding celebration right before the credits roll — I feel like at DDPP I’m always trapped in one of those moments, and IT IS AWESOME.

Shut Up and Dance was the last fast song, which is when we really go all out. If there’s ever a moment where you feel particularly montage-y at DDPP, it’s those three minutes where we really let out all our it’s-now-or-never energy on the floor. So imagine my joy when I discovered that there is a montage that someone made of dance scenes from movies accompanied by Shut Up and Dance, edited in such a way that it totally matches the parts of the song and really communicates the celebratory vibe of that song:

Thanks, to DJ Peterman Catalog for that perfect moment of anthemic feel-goodness!


DJ Peterman Catalog playlist for Sun, 9/27/15

DJ Peterman Catalog playlist for Sun, 9/27/15

Not all of these songs are on Spotify, but here are some of them on a playlist there. Find DDPP Chicago there and find some really great jams for inspiration!


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