Love Your Friends so MOVE FOR FRIENDS! DJ M4F Shows Us How!

Ladies! We have been honored to be supporting the Between Friends organization all month with class donations and helping spread the message of community and support for all the ladies of the world. REACH, Chicago’s longest-running domestic violence awareness program, has been helping women, from teens to adults and all walks of life, find the courage and strength to break the cycle of domestic violence. For 20 years, REACH has been the lifeline to women when they need it most. Between Friends set the bar for organizations that support women and wouldn’t you know it? So do we!

A BIG part of of our support is due to DDPP regular Colleen…or as we knew her on Wednesday,
DJ M4F! As Director of Between Friends, she is pioneering the #Move4Friends campaign that gets women into the community, being active, healthy, and supportive of one another.  And she doesn’t even wear a cape to be this super!

We all know, thanks to Queen Bey, who runs the world but thanks to Colleen, her faithful friends, and the kick-ass big-hearted dancers of DDPP, we also know who saves the world: GIRLS!

giphy (3)

Here is DJ M4F and supporters MOVING (and jumping and smiling and sweating and posing and selfie-ing!) FOR FRIENDS:


And here’s her joyous playlist: Get more info at Between Friends!


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