The Case of the Mysteriously Gifted Bag of Candy COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE

Photo on 2015-10-28 at 23.46

Hey!! Somebody left me a fat bag of candy next to my workout bag that I discovered after class. I already thought it was a treat to share the halloween playlist I made for tonight, but then to have this fat amazing stack of chocolate and Skittles waiting for me! Who is the specter that mysteriously left me this amazing gift of Scooby snacks?! And who knew that Starburst GummiBursts were so delicious? Trick or treat indeed! Thank you, kindly anonymous candy benefactor!

Feel free to snack on your candy of choice (or come over to my place and help me enjoy this candy before I finish it all myself, but you better hurry, because, well, let’s just say the finish line is very close, and if you come back in ten minutes there’s a pretty high probability you could diagnose me with adult onset diabetes) , while streaming or downloading one long file of tonight’s tunes here to play on whatever your media player of choice is.

I dedicate this playlist (see below) to all the ladies who braved the cold and rainy elements for tonight’s class! May you amass large stashes of sugary goodness and find the perfect accessories for your masked ball costume this weekend!

-MC Escher

102815 songlist

…and oh! a very incomplete Spotify playlist with a few songs from this playlist can be found at the DDPP Spotify page here!

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