DJ Hedda Stabler: Law & Order & Dance!

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Ladies….I will admit that I had to Google ‘Hedda Gabler’ because, despite my years in high school theater, I didn’t know this reference. My lacking education notwithstanding, I fell into a serious wormhole of information, culminating in requesting a copy on hold at the library. Hat tip to Ibsen…and more accurately, to DJ HEDDA STABLER for circuitously putting a fascinating-sounding play in my readerly hands. So much goodness abounds!


And it doesn’t STOP THERE! Bang the drums for DJ’s killer playlist, which pulled all of us out of the winter doldrums and rattled our bodies and souls with dancey jams.

Some “factsy facts” found during the Interwebs trance:

  • The title character Hedda is considered one of the great dramatic roles in theatre. (Wikipedia)
  • Stabler is dedicated to his job, but often takes cases personally, thus, affecting his judgment. (Wikipedia)
  • DJ Hedda Stabler’s playlist is considered one of the great ways to dramatically fight off the winter glums and is dedicated to keeping our feet moving and our hearts happy, which we at DDPP take personally, thus often affecting our judgement in a really, really great way! (The DDPP blog)

giphy (3).gif

Thanks for DJing for us, Hedda Stabler!

Check out the playlist here:



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