Poppin’ ‘n’ Lockin’ Life, the Universe, and Everything


MC Escher here. Thanks, everybody, for coming to my 42nd b-day dance party at DDPP Feb 3rd. Technically, my b-day was the next day the 4th, but you know, it’s the closest Wednesday to my big 42, which has been forever memorialized in nerd culture as being the Answer to the Ultimate Question (to which nobody ever really figured out the question):

In solidarity, my Feb 4th b-day twin DJ Hedda Stabler and I wore tutus (Happy birthday to us!), and she brought some kick ass muffins for us to birthday this mutha out, and I took a crappy picture to memorialize the event!

DJ Hedda Stabler

For my playist, I culled all my DDPP playlists as far back as 2007 and pulled some of my faves to jam out to, and I hope everybody had as good as a time as I did. The best part about DJing with a playlist of songs you’ve played before means that you’ve kind of tested all the songs in the past to see what kind of vibe they create. Although I should say that I did throw a few new ones in:

Now do I feel like I figured out the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything? Indeed. The question is: which has been my favoritest birthday to dance so far? 42.

*nerd alert: i looked for a short clip of the BBC version of the 42 HH’s Guide, you know, the one before the big movie, but all the clips were to long. But Douglas Adams wrote the screenplay for the movie, so i figured it was OK to use that. don’t mind me, i’ll just be over here with my inhaler.


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