FACT: The Irish Love To Dance; 3/16 with DJ BELL BIV deHO!

giphy (13).gif

I knew when I picked the March 16 DJ slot that there’d be more than a few diddies from my ancestral home. First I thought I’d do all Irish songs but an hour of trad (traditional Irish music, with pipes and drums and tin whistles) is IN-tense, even for me.

Then I thought I’d do all Irish bands and poured over every group I could think of,and a few that Google came up with. But I just wasn’t feeling the vibe that this was creating. I love me some Frames and Saw Doctors but they make me want to curl up next to a peat-burning hearth with a cuppa with me Gram, not dance my emerald heart away.

So I thought long and hard and wished upon my lucky cable-knit sweater for inspiration and landed on this stellar piece of logic: What better way to celebrate the confluence of my Irish heritage and my DDPP DJ experience than with the most DANCE-CENTRIC, DANCE-HAPPY, DANCE-WILD songs I could think of! And oooooo-weeeeeee did it deliver! I’m sore just thinking about it…

giphy (14).gif

There is nothing the Irish love more than a good tune with good friends. I threw a few favorites at the top to get the theme set but the rest is a rip-roaring rumble through whatever I could think of that makes me just want to DANCE!

Enjoy, and as my Grandma Jane would say, “May you live for as long as you want, and never want for as long as you live!”



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