All Aboard the El Train

DJ El Train graced us with the kind of mix that makes you want to mash up all of the wonderful movie scenes featuring Chicago’s most beloved form of public transportation (because forget buses, man…). Like, at some moments I felt as speechless as when Sandra Bullock would see Sandy Cohen as he boarded the train in While You Were Sleeping:

giphy (1)

But at some moments I felt an adrenaline rush like when Harrison Ford realizes he’s been spotted in The Fugitive:

(Less actual peril tho).

At other moments I felt as mischievous and sexy as when Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas decided to canoodle in front of that mean racist white lady:

and at still OTHER moments I felt as unsubtle as the train as phallic imagery in this scene from Risky Business:

Let’s all just stop and reflect on that one for a minute, m’kay….


So yeah. What I’m saying is, I’d hop on board for another one of DJ El Train’s killer mixes any day of the week. Behold!


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