Summertime is a lot of things: lemonade stands (of the Bey-nature or Kool-Aid kind), catching fireflies at twilight, riding your bike barefoot, chilling by a body of water, porch-sitting. I mean, I typed in “Summer” and these are the top results:

giphy (2).gif

giphy (1).gif

giphy (3).gif

Lazy days indeed….

EXCEPT when it’s DDPP and it’s June and DJ SSSNNNAAAKKKEEEE kicks off the summer season with her lion-roar of a playlist. OOOOH we are sweatin’ this mix hard!

giphy (7).gif

Big thanks to DJ SSSSNNAAAAKKKEEEE for reminding us to grab the summer by the sun-balls and give it all we got because 90 days is all we get!

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