More Than Incredible with the Zulk!

Oooooh summer is underway with some serious mixes, y’all!

DJ INCREDIBLE ZULK brought down the hammer with her June 15 summer slam-jam.

It had everything a good playlist needs: oldies-but-greaties, new favorites to live by, palate-cleansers to keep the pacemakers in check, and straight-up-sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs music-riots!

Such a fun dancey mix doesn’t make Hulk mad at all!

giphy (8)

Feast your eyes on the incredible playlist below:

zulk playlist

As always, thanks to DJ INCREDIBLE ZULK for sharing your songs with us!

Don’t forget to sign up to DJ so you too can bring da noise, bring da funk, all summer long!





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