Kickin’ it Old School with DJ CLANK!

When DJ Clank sought inspiration for her latest mix, she only needed to look to the past, to a few of the very excellent mixes she’s put together in her times as a core member of the DDPP Chicago community. And coincidentally, it ended up feeling like a real reunion with so many old timers stopping by for a dance. Den Mama Jennifer Brandel said it, as she does so often, best:

Dance Dance Party Party is officially NINE years old. Dancing like maniacs tonight with these incredible women, the catalogue of what we’ve all been through together hit me hard: marriages, divorces, deaths, babies, beating cancer, moving away from Chicago, moving back to Chicago, getting degrees, starting bands, starting companies, publishing books, and trying on many, many careers. What a ridiculous and wonderful thing we’ve all felt called to do for nearly a decade: gather after our long days, turn out the lights, turn up the music and shimmy our asses off together, in our own little worlds. Dancing to process, dancing to celebrate, dancing to feel embodied, dancing as a way of healing. We can dance if we want to, and I’m so glad we do.”



FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (1)


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