Ra-Ra-DJ Rapsputin, Apropos Playlist Queen

Last Wednesday, (12/7/16) DJ Rapsputin’s playlist reminded us that sometimes you just have to carry on in an unbreakable fashion, in spite of who wins, who loses, and who hacks who. Don’t Russians love their children too? Really? Like 4 realz? Right about now we could use a little love. For those near, those far, those overseas from us, as well as for people of all orientations, ethnicities and varieties. But we can’t forget to love ourselves too, us Nasty gals (and proud of it).

…And Nasty Gal is a most appropriately excellent warm-up song for these times, wouldn’t you agree, ya’ll? This playlist provided a cathartic moment of #LadyRage. Yup, that came up. And we meant it.

I say! какой большой плейлист!*

*Translation: What a great playlist, DJ Rapsputin!


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