Embracing Winter Like a Pro


I dread every winter that comes here in Chicago. I say to myself, “I don’t know how many more winters I can do this. It’s cold, it’s dry, it hurts my paws, and I hate dealing with ice and snow.” But then I keep my head down, grind my teeth, and get on with it. I convince myself that if I can just get from point A to point B, then it will be OK to take off all the gear and curl up in a ball.

This year though, instead of going into hibernation about the whole thing, I decided to embrace some serious winter animal energy. I bought fun earmuffs! I bought a new winter jacket! I stocked up on lotion. I was determined not to let winter get me down. And part of avoiding the winter blues is nurturing myself. My version of nurturing myself? Buying fun new work out clothes (wow, legging technology has advanced to new levels!) and creating one hour dance parties, which is essentially what one does when one DJs for DDPP. So the following playlists are the fruits of my labor, concocted in my dance lab, with the aid of many scientific instruments, hardware, software, equations and an intern. Enjoy the fruits of my labor! -MC Escher

Wed, Dec 28th

Wed, Dec 14th


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