MC Escher Throwing It Down


MC Escher here. Each of the songs on tonight’s playlist (4/12/17) went through a rigorous screening process. First, I put on each track to see how it sounded while I rolled up and down on the stairs at my summer villa. Then I shouted, “OW THE PAIN IT HURTS” and the neighbors told me to keep it down. Then I yelled back at them and they threw tin cans at me. Then I rolled down the stairs some more and noticed that sometimes I landed on the roof and sometimes on the mezzanine. This provided some degree of confusion for my Fitbit. Next, I hired an intern and entombed them in my lab, while forcing them to wear ridiculous clothes. That didn’t do much for figuring out which songs to include on the playlist but it did entertain me immensely. Then I entombed myself in the lab and dressed up in ridiculous clothes. Then I threw the interns down the stairs. Then I threw the neighbors down the stairs. It was settled! The playlist was complete! Enjoy the fruits of my labor!


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