Get outta my dreams, DJ SalsaCat!

As we all know, the internet is made for cats. You’ve got your Keyboard Cat, your Surprised Kitty, my personal fave, the F*ck This, F*ck That feline. And to this formidable collection we can now add …DJ SalsaCat! This kitty’s hips, they do not lie.

It’s no secret that if you play Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car, you are going to make this roomful of dancers very happy. In part because a few of us still remember when former Den Mama DJ U.N.I.T.Y. would always, without fail, silently reenact a very frustrated woman instructing her children to “Get in the car. Get! In! The Car!” in the middle of the dance floor. Good times.

Anyway, that was not all DJ Salsacat had to offer in her sixty minutes. No, she had us Feeling Good, remembering the Power of Love, Everybody moving around like a bunch of Wannabe Supermodels on the catwalk (Get it? CATwalk?!?). We can’t wait until she’s back at it again soon!



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