DJ Jenny Effin K & DDPP are like PEAS & CARROTS, yo.

It happened. I officially deleted 867-5309 from my phone, y’all.

Now when I need a good time, I have a new Jenny to call, because DJ Jenny Effin K made the summer HAPPEN from top to tip with her full-flavor playlist last night.

From the moment we heard the whistle-toned glory of the one and only Mariah ring out during the first track, we knew this Jenny was different. This is a Jenny who UNDERSTANDS.

She’s not some fly-by-night Jenny whose name and phone number Tommy Tutone found haplessly scrawled in a public space (and is now creepily possessive of…srsly y’all – look at the lyrics.)

If I’m being honest, when I used to think about a Jenny, I’d be like…


But now I’m all…


Our Jenny is a Jenny of substance. A Jenny of heart. A Jenny to end all Jennies.

She’s DJ Jenny Effin K. And we salute her.


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