Happy Birthday DJ E=QC^2

Den Mother Cher aka DJ E= QC^2 celebrated her birthday (12/16) with us on Dec 8th and we are so grateful! Although this has been a tough year, she appreciates every moment and was excited to share a part of her journey with us.

DJ E=QC^2 brought us her usual fast paced booty shaking mix with an interesting collaborative twist. This year she broke her mix into parts. Birthday Playlist Formula: 1/3 (composed of 2018 hits) + 1/3 (a combination of expressions and phrases that DJ. E=QC^2 has said in the classroom this past year) + (1/3 was a collection of songs voted on through Facebook polls) = 100% of AWESOMENESS!!!!!

We danced in circles, twirled on our haters and even got in our feelings (just a lil bit). Below is a breakdown of the mix.

  1. Buy U a Drank- Class
  2. Boogie Wonderland- Class
  3. Level Up- Facebook
  4. Fitness- Facebook
  5. Another One Bites the Dust- 2018
  6. Why Do Fools Fall In Love- Class
  7. Karaoke- 2018
  8. Gives You Hell- Class
  9. Taki Taki – 2018
  10. Make Me Feel- Facebook
  11. Blow- Facebook
  12. In My Feelings- Facebook
  13. Cut to the Feeling- Facebook
  14. Best Friend- 2018
  15. Vogue- Class
  16. Uptown Funk- Class
  17. Shallow- 2018

Happy Birthday DJ!!!!!!

Oh and here’s the playlist link…please give it a gander!


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