Coming to you live from Spotify!

We love DDPP Chicago. Every time we walk into our space at Damen & Bell Plaine, it feels like we’re getting a mini hug from the universe letting us know things will be okay. We’ve been running for almost 12 years now (holy cats!) and the world has changed a whole bunch since we began.

Little known fact: Everyone who runs DDPP does it for free, from the goodness of their heart and for the sake of dance. DDPP makes us whole, it keeps us young and we gain as much from running it as we hope you get from attending.

Here is a fact that is probably obvious – the current crew isn’t great at blogging. We are HERE for sharing Spotify mixes and posting on social media, but remembering to update the blog just isn’t our strong suit. And every time we forget, we feel it because this is one of the places where we celebrate the most important part of what we do – which is YOU.

So for now, we’re shutting the blog space down. We still want to connect you to the mixes because blood, sweat and tears (of joy) go into making them and quite frankly, they keep us moving and inspired when things get tough. Any mixes we get from folks who are not on Spotify we will do our best to recreate them on our Spotify account (ddppchicago). And we will share every mix that comes our way in our stories on our instagram page, which you can find in our highlight reel!

Thank you for your patience with us – hope to see you on the dance floor!

Hearts & High Kicks – Danielle, Catherine, Courtney, Cherise, Mallory & Liz

Having a (Snow) Ball with MC Escher

In spite of how cold and yucky it was Wednesday, we still danced it out. I guess you could say we had such a ball it was a SNOW BALL. Bwahahahaa I crack me up! No but seriously, I am always so proud of Chicago folks, we really know how to combat the cold and just go out there and make it happen here in the City of Big Shoulders. Snow-warning-shmo-warning!

Enjoy my playlist! -MC Escher

Starting the Year Off Right With DJ Ballando

It’s good that the first Wednesday of 2019 was so early. Jan 2nd! After spending New Years Day huddled at home, having DDPP fall so quickly after a holiday forced us to start the year off with a healthy habit: shaking our booties. Thanks, DJ Ballando, for starting this year off with your sweet, sweet jams! Here’s to 52 weeks of dancing dancing and partying partying!


Celebrate with these tunes, and if you wanna dig ’em on a playlist on Spotify, check ’em out here:



Happy Birthday DJ E=QC^2

Den Mother Cher aka DJ E= QC^2 celebrated her birthday (12/16) with us on Dec 8th and we are so grateful! Although this has been a tough year, she appreciates every moment and was excited to share a part of her journey with us.

DJ E=QC^2 brought us her usual fast paced booty shaking mix with an interesting collaborative twist. This year she broke her mix into parts. Birthday Playlist Formula: 1/3 (composed of 2018 hits) + 1/3 (a combination of expressions and phrases that DJ. E=QC^2 has said in the classroom this past year) + (1/3 was a collection of songs voted on through Facebook polls) = 100% of AWESOMENESS!!!!!

We danced in circles, twirled on our haters and even got in our feelings (just a lil bit). Below is a breakdown of the mix.

  1. Buy U a Drank- Class
  2. Boogie Wonderland- Class
  3. Level Up- Facebook
  4. Fitness- Facebook
  5. Another One Bites the Dust- 2018
  6. Why Do Fools Fall In Love- Class
  7. Karaoke- 2018
  8. Gives You Hell- Class
  9. Taki Taki – 2018
  10. Make Me Feel- Facebook
  11. Blow- Facebook
  12. In My Feelings- Facebook
  13. Cut to the Feeling- Facebook
  14. Best Friend- 2018
  15. Vogue- Class
  16. Uptown Funk- Class
  17. Shallow- 2018

Happy Birthday DJ!!!!!!

Oh and here’s the playlist link…please give it a gander!


Dance Dance CHRISTMAS Party!!!

We know not everybody loves Christmas music. After all, it’s shoved into our earholes from late October through New Year! But sometimes, a holiday miracle occurs, and you find the magic of the holidays in a 60-minute playlist curated by our resident boogie elf, DJ Disco Biscuit.

Chock full of joy, cheer, and holly jolly jingle bell rhythms, we hope you enjoy the Shake Your Fruitcake Holiday Playlist!

Remember, we won’t be in the studio during the holidays, but we’ll be back in action and fresh AF on January 3rd!

Merry merry, and happy new year!

DJ Crunch Berry Serves Sugary Goodness


I can’t hear Crunch Berry without thinking of the smurfs. Smurfette is truly a confounding character to me. Is she happy living among all these smurfer dudes? Hard to say. One thing is for sure, she would LOVE dance dance party party. And if there were ever a mix for Smurfette, it would be served by DJ Crunch Berry.

Crunch Berry played a mix that can only be described as jubilant. There is nothing like throwing your hands up in the air to I LOVE IT and seeing that everybody else in the room is throwing their hands up too. Thanks for a great second to last dance, Crunch Berry! Hope to get down to your mixes in the New Year. Get the Playlist Here!


Just Strolling Around with DJ. EA Sportz

A few Sundays ago (Nov 4) DJ EA Sportz took us on a splendid journey through her mind. You know how it is when you have your headphones in and certain songs come on that just inspires you to dance in the middle of the street.

FYI it is never wrong to dance in the street, and I fully support this decision (but maybe dance on the sidewalk or find a street with no cars you know safety first). Thanks DJ EA Sportz for making our commutes more enjoyable.

Royally Tempted by DJ QueenHotBiscuit

Sunday Nov 11th, we had the pleasure to experience another collabo mix; this one with features from DJs E= QC^2, Hotdish and Disco Biscuit. This ROYALS inspired mix included Kings, Queens, Dukes and Lords reminding us that although we “will never be royal” our majestic dance moves will always be welcomed.

Take a look at the ROYAL LINEUP!!!!

Thanks DJs for a real ball.