Are you ready to ROCK?!

DJ K-Tel answered that question with an enthusiastic “yes!” on Sunday with her mix. Leave it to the rockers to kick out their jams so quickly she was able to fit TWENTY songs into a single hour. Is that a new DDPP record? Regardless, the way she had us feeling by the end definitely deserves a prize. Congratulations, rock star–hope to see you on the dance floor again soon!


Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 1.37.16 PM

M.C. M. Sea Brings Us a Whole New Episode

Thanks to M.C. M. Sea, Wednesday’s class slayed us, all the way to Sunnydale and back!


From No Doubt to Flashdance, we thank this fine mixmaster general for a wonderful trip through the DDPPverse of dance awesomeness. The Buffy theme kicked us into high gear! Thanks, M.C. M. Sea!


The day we all danced under the spell of…DJ RAPSPUTIN!

Our booties were mesmerized, and oh, did we DANCE, yo! Thanks, DJ. Way to put a spell on us. You’re our new favorite…

Rasputin Icon

ICON! (Ba-dump-bump!)

And now, the playlist:

DJ Rapsputin040614

DJ Bell Biv deHo, The Cat With the Bass and Drum




Thanks, DJ Bell Biv deHo, for a non-stop killer mix that left us sweatin’ on the floor! With at least one pop music resuscitation, this playlist knocked us into our respective corners of the ring. There ain’t gonna be no rematch!


DJ World War Bri Saves The Universe

She came. She saw. She conquered. We were not bulletproof. And we LURVED it! First-time DJ World War Bri shook us like a round of ammo poppin’ off a tank. (Or whatever.)




Just because:


I Wanna Dance With Somebody, and By Somebody, I Mean Everybody

DJ Vinyl Ritchie came down from Madison to TURN IT OUT, limited engagement ONE NIGHT ONLY in Chicago. Who said you have to wait until the weekend to party?

DJ Vinyl Richie 03_26_142

It was hilarious to visit a song I haven’t heard since 1985. I always thought “Oh Shelia” was by Prince, and this, from someone who grew up in the 80s. Well guess what? I took a look at DJ VInyl Ritchie’s playlist, and noticed that “Oh Shelia” is actually by Ready For the World. And apparently I’m not the only one who thought that. One second on the internet confirms this, where I was delighted by such hilarious verifications as’s headline “The Prince Hit That Wasn’t A Prince Hit” and’s comment “Sometimes imitation breeds excellence.” Also, at the beginning of the song he (that would be lead singer Melvin Riley, as seen below) does a monologue, and for the life of me, I can’t tell if he’s saying “Oh Shelia” (which would make sense) or more hilariously, “Oh, Sailor.”


Thanks for bringin’ some love down to the City of Dancin’ Shoulders From the Badger State, DJ Vinyl Ritchie!



DJ Ssssnake, that’s who! Her fast-paced playlist nearly made us vomit with excitement. (No seriously, I almost puked. DJ Ssssnake and Diplo are not a duo to be messed with.) She has us clapping our hands AND our asses!

Screenshot 2014-03-23 21.06.30


And here it is for your listening pleasure on Spotify. You know you want to.

Thank you, DJ Ssssnake, for brightening our Sunday! I mean, did we ever really expect anything less? AS IF.


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