Den Mothers

Were you ever curious about the ladies behind DDPP Chicago? Well, a while back we asked them to describe themselves and their love of DDPP succinctly and, well, this is what we got. (Figures.)

Cherise Annel
(aka DJ E=QC^2) brings the energy to the dance floor. The only thing she loves more than math is bass-bumping booty-shaking music.

Danielle Holtz
DJ Hotdish is gonna get you, tonight. Former den mother Allison Wolcott once described Danielle’s dance style as, “all in the hips.” When she isn’t making playlists or Instagram images for upcoming parties, Danielle runs a summer camp for gifted students. She is a storyteller, reader, cyclist, community builder, proud auntie, god mother, and dog mother.

Jen Kouba
On the dance floor, DJ Jenny F-in K strives to move like she’s in an early aughts rap video. Everywhere else, she’s aiming to exude an a Mister Rogers energy. She’s a cat mom, veg head, and a Cancer sun with a Libra rising with a love for any tunes that require jumping or belly rolls.

Kelsey Didion
Kelsey Didion, aka DJ Lil Diddy, loves bodies. Especially when the bodies hit the (dance) floor. She’s a yoga teacher, somatic movement practitioner, and artist, and she’s pretty sure that nothing is better than going hard to Nicki Minaj. Marry, t’would give her much delight if thou didst but join her in going hard.

Lauren Faits
Lauren Faits, a.k.a. DJ Khaleesi, has an MBA and lives a corporate lifestyle by day. She uses DDPP and other creative hobbies to express herself after hours. This dragon queen is a podcaster (She-Ra: Progressive of Power; The Bebop Beat), cosplayer, Tarot reader, and bassist. The love of her life is her dog, Junebug. DJ Khaleesi wants you to know that she named herself BEFORE the finale of Game of Thrones, but she stands by her choice. We all want to burn it all down, sometimes.

Liz Mason
Liz Mason DJs under the mixmaster moniker MC Escher. She hangs out on stairs that look like they might be going up and down at the same time. She publishes and sells abberant periodicals, chews mass quantities of gum, and likes mash-uppy soundscapes. She wants to abuse caffeine and play hide’n’seek in a hedge maze with you.

Mallory Nees
DJ Disco Biscuit describes her dance style as “if Elaine from Seinfeld had a sense of rhythm.” She loves baking and slaying NYT crossword puzzles, her primary mode of transit is walking, and she will never EVER stop going full-throttle on the floor when “Uptown Funk” plays. She works in social media, talks in hashtags, and feels #blessed to dance with all you lovely heroes

2 thoughts on “Den Mothers

  1. Just wanted to say I happened to come across this and I feel super duper pumped up that I am not the only one that feels this way! I’m totally going to be checking this out and probably for sure going to be a regular already.
    Thank you. I feel my lonely early 90’s hip hop island may have some friends.
    Push it.

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