Den Mothers

Were you ever curious about the ladies behind DDPP Chicago? Well, a while back we asked them to describe themselves and their love of DDPP succinctly and, well, this is what we got. (Figures.)

Catherine Carrigan

Screen shot 2011-04-20 at 7.19.10 PM


A shooting star leaping through the skies like a tiger defying the laws of gravity. An American aquarium drinker. Gifted, all natural and burstin’ the seams. Can’t – can’t – can’t – can’t control her feet. Wants to see movies of her dreams. Wants to live with common people like you.


Cherise Annel


Cherise (aka DJ E=QC^2) brings the energy to the dance floor. The only thing she loves more than math is bass bumping booty shaking music.



Courtney Kruzic


I, Courtney Kruzic, aka DJ Devil Bunnie, have been trolling the rust belt far and wide for any one person or group of people, who would give me a dance studio key… and now, nothing will ever be the same. This responsibility will be taken very seriously, for connecting with DDPP is one of the greatest Chicago gifts that keeps on giving for me. I cherish these 2 glorious, energy-infused hours each week, and hope you will, too.



Dee Dee Holtz

 DJ Hotdish is gonna get you, tonight.





Liz Mason


Liz Mason DJs under the mixmaster moniker MC Escher. She hangs out on stairs that look like they might be going up and down at the same time. She publishes and sells abberant periodicals, chews mass quantities of gum, and likes mash-uppy soundscapes. She wants to abuse caffeine and play hide’n’seek in a hedge maze with you.




Mallory Nees


DJ Disco Biscuit describes her dance style as “if Elaine from Seinfeld had a sense of rhythm.” She loves baking and slaying NYT crossword puzzles, her primary mode of transit is walking, and she will never EVER stop going full-throttle on the floor when “Uptown Funk” plays. She works in social media, talks in hashtags, and feels #blessed to dance with all you lovely heroes.



Co-Founder and Den Mother Emeritus: Jenn Martin


Jenn Martin can be found doing just about anything. With a background in psychology, construction, non-profit, arts, urban planning, & real estate, it’s nobody’s guess what she will be doing next year, even next month. Her number one passion: traveling the world. Her favorite day is Halloween and her favorite junk food is gummy bears and cheese fries (but not together because the sweet & salty combo is a no go). Coming from a Gemini, this is quite funny. Her music is eclectic, as is her dance background (she’s taken just about every dance class imaginable). One of her fav songs: Apeman, by the Kinks.


Co-Founder and Den Mother Emeritus: Jenn Brandel

mail-2Prior to her multiple personality reintegration, Jenn Brandel lived lives as an IQ test developer in Quebec, a grape farmer in Tasmania, and low-low-powered movie producer in LA. Currently she finds herself mostly in Chicago and mostly as independent producer for public radio. She has an acute fear of commitment except for all things DDPP. Her dance moves have yet to be classified – as they straddle the line between graceful and seizure. She wants quite sincerely to win at life, but is still a bit foggy about what that actually means (and entails). For now – she’ll settle for all-time champion of Connect 4.



2 thoughts on “Den Mothers

  1. Just wanted to say I happened to come across this and I feel super duper pumped up that I am not the only one that feels this way! I’m totally going to be checking this out and probably for sure going to be a regular already.
    Thank you. I feel my lonely early 90’s hip hop island may have some friends.
    Push it.

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