Are you the type who wants to make sure NONE of your songs have ever been heard at Chicago DDPP before? Or are you the type looking for inspiration for your upcoming setlist? Or or or – are you just curious to see how many *$#!*& songs have been rocked in Chicago? Any way you cut it – we’ve got just the thing for you… ENTER THE DDPP SONG DATABASE

You can view it just like an excel file! Search alphabetically! By song title! Check out your favorite DJ!

You can sort by Playlist date, Song Title, Artist, and/or DJ simply by clicking at the top of the appropriate column. There are also some filters that allow you to look at all of the playlists for a particular month.

Oh, and you can export the data to a pdf, Excel spreadsheet, etc, just by clicking the ‘Export Data’ button. Neat!

Infinite love and gratitude to Karen Kane and Megan Krejny for coming up with the idea and designing the amazing database for everyone to enjoy! Songs are now updated weekly by the lovely Liz Mason. Thank you ladies!

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