1. I don’t get it…what do you do?

Well when you first walk in the room we’ll probably all be standing around waiting for the fun to start. The lights go down, a poor-gal’s version of a disco ball starts up and the music blasts. There’s a mirror you can watch yourself dance in if you want or you can move toward the back and groove back there. And by groove we mean GROOVE. Let the music get inside you! There’s no instructor and no rules (except the no judgment thing) so you can do whatever you want! Every once in a while we might start doing a simple dance step we love (we call that spontaneous choreography – SO FUN!) and you can do that with us… or do your own thing! Are you seeing a pattern here? Just come, sing along, move around a little and we swear you will leave on cloud 9.

2. Why ladies only?

Dance Dance Party Party was founded by two women who were seeking a fun, free environment where they didn’t have to worry about impressing anyone except themselves. We still believe that this ladies-only concept is a good way to achieve that goal. That said, we use inclusive definitions of “woman” and “female” and we welcome trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who are significantly female-identified. For the last several years, we have also held a co-ed fundraiser around the holidays for organizations near and dear to our hearts, and we will say that those are also tons of fun.

3. What should I wear?

Wear workout clothes because you will SWEAT. Definitely don’t wear jeans and if you come in layers expect them to be peeled off. Trust us. Other than that just wear whatever you feel most comfortable in!

4. What if I can’t dance?

Don’t worry, neither can some of us! And besides, no one will be watching you so even if you’re doing your best Elaine from Seinfeld impression, the only one who’ll notice is you. After a while you’ll begin to realize you’re a much better dancer than you think. We’ve all seen Britney Spears enough to copy at least her facial expressions.

5. Can I show off my moves if I’m a dancer?

Sure. Why not! Just make sure you don’t injure anyone or make the whole class about you showing off your moves because that might get boring for the rest of us. But if you can do a mean “worm” then show that shit off!

6. I have no rhythm. What if everyone laughs at me?

If anyone laughs at you they are OUT OF THERE. One of our only rules (as you’ll see below) is that all judgments are left outside so we really have no problem telling someone to step if they’re making anyone uncomfortable.

7. So you DO have rules!

We have three: No booze, no boys, no judgments. Sounds like the perfect formula for a good time, doesn’t it?

8. Can I DJ?

Yes you can! We’d love for you to! And just to be clear, by “DJ” we mean putting together a kick-butt mix on your iPod and rocking our worlds with it at DDPP so there really aren’t any actual “DJ” skills needed. All we ask is that you attend at least one session before you do so you can get an idea of the feel and what people love to dance to. Check out our DJ page for more info!

9. Can I bring friends?

Please do! DDPP is even better with friends!

10. Can I start DDPP in my town?

You bet! Just talk to the Chicago ladies first so they can help you out with it. We’d love to take DDPP all over the country and beyond but we want to make sure the concept stays the same. Email us at ddppchicago[at]gmail[dot]com to get started!

10 thoughts on “F.A.Q.

  1. So, I just wanted to give a heads up that I posted next Sunday 1/10/10 as an event on Yelp and so far 7 people have stated that they are coming. Now that may change as we get closer to the date, but I thought I would give you all a heads up as it might be crowded on Sunday.


  2. Can I bring my 10 year old daughter with me? If the answer is no have you ever considered a mom-daughter hour? It would be a blast.

  3. You ladies look happier than anyone i have seen in awhile… I love it ! Looking forward to shakin my groove thang….

    • There is FREE street parking near the studio on Damen or Belle Plaine. If you park south of Belle Plaine on Damen that is metered parking, but if you park north of Belle Plaine…that is free. You may have to look around but you are sure to find something. Hope to see you soon.

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