DJ Mermaid Bubbles Brings The Whozits & Whatsits Galore!

Our lives were forever changed when a mystical entity named DJ Mermaid Bubbles floated into our studio last week. It was like meeting Darryl Hannah from the movie Splash. Only EVEN MORE MAGICAL.


When the jams began and we heard the sweet contemporary siren songs of Selena Gomez and Sia, and our weekly dose of “Despacito”? Well, it was like the Disney princess hiding in us all was set free.


To follow this up by diving deep for some throwback jams from Dixie Chicks, Blink-182, and N*Sync? INSPIRED!


Oh, and did I mention CHER?


LOL GET IT? BECAUSE THAT’S A .GIF FROM THE MOVIE MERMAIDS STARRING CHER? It’s okay, we’ll calm down about this. But not until after we give this wet ‘n’ wild playlist from DJ Mermaid Bubbles a few (hundred) more spins:




DJ Sid Licious – They Came, They Saw, They SLAYED.


(to the tune of “Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me for Me)” by Blessid Union of Souls

DJ Sid, they travelled far…
Sporting gold shoes and dope leggings
We don’t have the time to list all of the things we loved,
But if we did, we’re just beginning…
Not because they brought us Lady Gaga
Whitney, Lizzo, Bey and Bieba(?)!
And a healthy dose of Queen.
And we were stoked to greet them!
Our feet were glad to meet them!
And we’re so glad Sid found us once again!
And we’re so glad Sid found us once again!
And we’re so glad Sid found us once again!

MC Escher danced us Upside Down!

Now, we’ve seen Stranger Things, and we had no idea that The Upside Down was where the partayyyyyy has been hiding all this time!

We spent our evening dancing on the ceiling and the underside of multiple flights of stairs tonight when MC Escher unveiled a new masterpiece playlist.


Obviously she hit it hard with some sonic comfort food: we got our daily doses of Britney, Katy and Kesha.


AND the Talking Heads made their first DDPP appearance in FAR too long!


But then, in true MC Escher style, we got an earful of gravity-defiant songs that were totally new to us. We had no idea what we were missing!


I mean, besides Barb. 🙂

Anyway, here’s the proof. Enjoy the excellent sounds of MC Escher and the land of the Upside Down!



DJ Jenny Effin K & DDPP are like PEAS & CARROTS, yo.

It happened. I officially deleted 867-5309 from my phone, y’all.

Now when I need a good time, I have a new Jenny to call, because DJ Jenny Effin K made the summer HAPPEN from top to tip with her full-flavor playlist last night.

From the moment we heard the whistle-toned glory of the one and only Mariah ring out during the first track, we knew this Jenny was different. This is a Jenny who UNDERSTANDS.

She’s not some fly-by-night Jenny whose name and phone number Tommy Tutone found haplessly scrawled in a public space (and is now creepily possessive of…srsly y’all – look at the lyrics.)

If I’m being honest, when I used to think about a Jenny, I’d be like…


But now I’m all…


Our Jenny is a Jenny of substance. A Jenny of heart. A Jenny to end all Jennies.

She’s DJ Jenny Effin K. And we salute her.

A Little Help From [DJ Kitty Sass’s] Friends

We’re busy modern people, and we often find ourselves in situations where we’re tasked with muuuuuuch more than a single human can possibly juggle and STILL manage catch up on the past week’s episode of ‘American Ninja Warrior’ (priorities.)


It was with cat-like reflexes that our very own DJ Kitty Sass called her support crew into action to assist her in making determinations about what songs to add to her DDPP playlist this week. And guess what? NOW WE WANT TO BE BEST FRIENDS WITH ALL OF KITTY SASS’S FRIENDS. Because this crowdsourced playlist was…




DJ Disco Biscuit & the 5 Stages of DANCE

JULY 5, 2017

Oh hai pals!

Tonight I found myself at the studio, scrolling through old playlists and squeezing them tenderly like grocery store mangoes to decide which one was still fresh.

I found the playlist that I created on Wednesday, November 9, 2016 for some reason (HEAVY SIGH.)

Even for those of you who aren’t TOTAL psychology nerds like me, you’ve likely heard of the 5 Stages of Grief. But what I felt (and continue to feel) about the events of November 2016 weren’t quite grief. They were like…Grief 2: Electric Boogaloo. And so a playlist was born.

Stage One: Shock!


Stage Two: Denial!


Stage Three: Anger!


Stage Four: Dance-Punching!


Stage Five: Overcoming!


I hope, no matter where you are in whatever grief processes you may be handling now or in the future, that some of the songs on this playlist will come in handy.

Remember: we are all made of star-stuff and dance magic!


DJ Disco Biscuit




We’re Just a Group of Ladies Gettin’ Down to Ginuwine

DJ Salsacat announced that her playlist last Wednesday (June 7th) was a disco cowboy spacejam, and she wasn’t kidding. Hilariously, DJ Disco Biscuit shared after class that when she told her co-worker about DDPP, that he said, “For some reason, I picture a group of ladies just gettin’ down with Ginuwine,” and um, that’s ACTUALLY WHAT HAPPENED that very night: a group of ladies got down to Ginuwine.

So in tribute to DJ SalsaCat, I performed a dance to Ginuwine for you all right here now. You’re welcome.  -MC Escher

Here’s the playlist!

BFF DJ Connor!

DJ Connor (insert Rosanne joke here) really made our Wednesday with a playlist that she said was full of songs that reminded her of her best friends. If we like her playlist does that mean we’re her best friends? Say yes, DJ Connor!


We all need friends, don’t we? We can’t all be dancing on our own!


Thanks, DJ Connor, for making us feel less alone, with this joyful playlist!