It’s the Eye of the Tigress, it’s the thrill of the fight!

This past Sunday 1/22/2017, DJ. U.N.I.T.Y walked us through all her feelings of 2017 thus far (spoiler alert she has indeed felt everything). Side Note how sad is this reality we are living through right now? One day after Chicago’s own Women’s March, DJ. U.N.I.T.Y helped us cope with everything that has gone down so far and all the BS that is soon to come. Ladies get ready to fight the power.

So to all my fellow ladies out there, near and far, let’s remember to dance, our feeling out whenever we can, because sometimes a good dance is just what your body needs to get through anything. #dancescreamcry2017

Thanks DJ U.N.I.T.Y I know we can get through 2017 together!


Embracing Winter Like a Pro


I dread every winter that comes here in Chicago. I say to myself, “I don’t know how many more winters I can do this. It’s cold, it’s dry, it hurts my paws, and I hate dealing with ice and snow.” But then I keep my head down, grind my teeth, and get on with it. I convince myself that if I can just get from point A to point B, then it will be OK to take off all the gear and curl up in a ball.

This year though, instead of going into hibernation about the whole thing, I decided to embrace some serious winter animal energy. I bought fun earmuffs! I bought a new winter jacket! I stocked up on lotion. I was determined not to let winter get me down. And part of avoiding the winter blues is nurturing myself. My version of nurturing myself? Buying fun new work out clothes (wow, legging technology has advanced to new levels!) and creating one hour dance parties, which is essentially what one does when one DJs for DDPP. So the following playlists are the fruits of my labor, concocted in my dance lab, with the aid of many scientific instruments, hardware, software, equations and an intern. Enjoy the fruits of my labor! -MC Escher

Wed, Dec 28th

Wed, Dec 14th

DJ Stain’s Triumphant Return

It is always a VERY BIG DEAL when someone is able to return to DDPP after some time away due to injury. So understand that we were all dancing just a little bit harder, with hearts just a wee bit wider open, when DJ Stain offered up her mix on January 11th. Thanks, lady – it’s so great to have you back!


The Playlist:

Aphex Twin – Kesson Dalef
Ladytron – High Rise
Acid Glasses – Jpeg Hoarder
The Faint – Agenda Suicide
Adaletin Bu Mu Dünya – Selda
Holy Ghost – Do it Again
Flume – Insane
The Ting Tings – That’s Not My Name
YACHT – The Afterlife
Trust – Bulbform
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood – Summer Wine
Moderat – Rusty Nails
Angel Olsen – Forgiven/Forgotten
Phantogram – Black Out Days
Richard Hawley – Tonight The Streets Are Ours
Ricky Eat Acid – Beautiful Gurrls
Spotify (minus the Acid Glasses):

DJ Hotdish Drops her Fall 2016 Mixes

Hey y’all. DJ Hotdish here.

I dj’ed a lot this fall. I made mixes when I felt furious, when I felt joyful, when I was bored, when I was scared, when I needed a distraction, or when we collectively needed a last minute DJ. It felt good. On a personal level, I really needed it. But I dj’ed so much that I felt a little silly posting all my mixes here. Then the very lovely and talented MC Escher reminded me that posting mixes is how people HEAR them and see what’s been happening at DDPP. True dat. So for your enjoyment, here is the fall of 2016 with DJ Hotdish.

August 31. 2016.

September 11.2016.

November 27. 2016.

December 4. 2016.

December 21. 2016.

Here’s to 2017.

Ra-Ra-DJ Rapsputin, Apropos Playlist Queen

Last Wednesday, (12/7/16) DJ Rapsputin’s playlist reminded us that sometimes you just have to carry on in an unbreakable fashion, in spite of who wins, who loses, and who hacks who. Don’t Russians love their children too? Really? Like 4 realz? Right about now we could use a little love. For those near, those far, those overseas from us, as well as for people of all orientations, ethnicities and varieties. But we can’t forget to love ourselves too, us Nasty gals (and proud of it).

…And Nasty Gal is a most appropriately excellent warm-up song for these times, wouldn’t you agree, ya’ll? This playlist provided a cathartic moment of #LadyRage. Yup, that came up. And we meant it.

I say! какой большой плейлист!*

*Translation: What a great playlist, DJ Rapsputin!

DDPP Co-ed Holiday Edition on Dec 11th!


Ladies & Gentlemen!

Once a year during the holidays, we invite dudes to join us on the dance floor for a special DDPP Co-ed Holiday Edition! The best part about our DDPP Co-ed Holiday Edition is that we do it for charity! Given the climate of this year’s election and the shared dedication to continue diligent work to empower, promote, safeguard, and embolden women, DDPP has selected the Chicago Foundation for Women (CFW) as the 2016 fundraising beneficiary. Our goal is to get to $1000 for them, and you can help us do this. More info about CFW and our support for the foundation here.

The DDPP Co-ed Holiday Edition isn’t at the same space we normally dance at; it’s at a bigger space (the First Evangelical Free Church Chicago)! So you’ll have plenty o’room to ecstatically leap as the holiday spirit moves you (or get your groove on in the corner — no pressure, no judgment). In light of that, it makes sense that men who have experienced co-ed DDPP in the past have shared such inspirational testimonials as, “Wow! That’s what you’re doing on Wednesday nights? I totally get it now!” or “I wish I could come with you to do this every Sunday!” Can I get a non-denominational Amen?

BONUS: DDPP will give away a beloved DDPP t-shirt or tank top to a lucky DDPPer who shares the event on FB, Twitter, or Instagram. Social Media, y’all! Get hip and win sweet gear! Use the hashtags #ddppholiday and #dancegiving so we can check out your fun and fabulous posts! We will randomly select a winner at the party!

WHAT: DDPP Co-ed Holiday Edition
WHEN:  Sun, Dec 11th 5-6:30pm
WHERE: First Evangelical Free Church Chicago, 5255 N Ashland Ave, Chicago

Curious about what we played last year? check it out here! Wanna join in the discussion about what to play this year? Find us on Twitter and use these hash tags #ddppholiday and #dancegiving!

Rollin’ With DJ U.N.I.T.Y


Last night (Wed, 11/30/16) DJ U.N.I.T.Y rolled out some jams. And by rolling out some jams, we mean passing out Tootsie Rolls during Dillon Francis & Snappy Jit’s Candy. Like, literally, dancing around the room and giving people Tootsie Rolls (not to be confused with passing by a Tootsie Roll truck, and also, not to be confused with walking around the room and handing people VHS tapes of the movie Tootsie). And it came at the perfect moment during the workout, only two tracks before that final last fast song, when one really needs that extra boost. And yeesh! We def need that help before those final moments on da floor if you know what we’re sayin’. That’s how DJ U.N.I.T.Y ROLLS, with thoughtful sugar provision for all.

It’s Candyland up in heyah! Check out these licks (to get to the center of the dance fla):

DJ Khaleesi For Music Press Secretary


Wednesday, November 9th was an interesting night to come together to dance — the night after the results of an election are announced. Whether the candidate you voted for won, lost or didn’t even make it past the primaries, nobody can deny that emotions were running high, especially because politics can be very divisive. Sometimes we get so caught up in noticing what opinions make us differ from our neighbors that we forget we are all just humans trying to get through life as best as we can. So when we have an experience to come together to do something we love, like dance, that can be very healing. DJ Khaleesi’s playlist provided a much needed outlet for us to let go of some of that stress created by current events, all in the nurturing environment of ladies who just want to let it all hang out in each other’s company. Well done, DJ Khaleesi, for creating a much needed playlist that supported our need to celebrate being human. And this is why we’d like to nominate DJ Khaleesi for Music Press Secretary of the West Wing! Any excuse to bring in some sweet jams via a lady in the Executive Mansion, really.

Why not? I mean, with a playlist like this, she’s sure to succeed!