We’re Just a Group of Ladies Gettin’ Down to Ginuwine

DJ Salsacat announced that her playlist last Wednesday (June 7th) was a disco cowboy spacejam, and she wasn’t kidding. Hilariously, DJ Disco Biscuit shared after class that when she told her co-worker about DDPP, that he said, “For some reason, I picture a group of ladies just gettin’ down with Ginuwine,” and um, that’s ACTUALLY WHAT HAPPENED that very night: a group of ladies got down to Ginuwine.

So in tribute to DJ SalsaCat, I performed a dance to Ginuwine for you all right here now. You’re welcome.  -MC Escher

Here’s the playlist!

BFF DJ Connor!

DJ Connor (insert Rosanne joke here) really made our Wednesday with a playlist that she said was full of songs that reminded her of her best friends. If we like her playlist does that mean we’re her best friends? Say yes, DJ Connor!


We all need friends, don’t we? We can’t all be dancing on our own!


Thanks, DJ Connor, for making us feel less alone, with this joyful playlist!

Get outta my dreams, DJ SalsaCat!

As we all know, the internet is made for cats. You’ve got your Keyboard Cat, your Surprised Kitty, my personal fave, the F*ck This, F*ck That feline. And to this formidable collection we can now add …DJ SalsaCat! This kitty’s hips, they do not lie.

It’s no secret that if you play Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car, you are going to make this roomful of dancers very happy. In part because a few of us still remember when former Den Mama DJ U.N.I.T.Y. would always, without fail, silently reenact a very frustrated woman instructing her children to “Get in the car. Get! In! The Car!” in the middle of the dance floor. Good times.

Anyway, that was not all DJ Salsacat had to offer in her sixty minutes. No, she had us Feeling Good, remembering the Power of Love, Everybody moving around like a bunch of Wannabe Supermodels on the catwalk (Get it? CATwalk?!?). We can’t wait until she’s back at it again soon!


MC Escher Throwing It Down


MC Escher here. Each of the songs on tonight’s playlist (4/12/17) went through a rigorous screening process. First, I put on each track to see how it sounded while I rolled up and down on the stairs at my summer villa. Then I shouted, “OW THE PAIN IT HURTS” and the neighbors told me to keep it down. Then I yelled back at them and they threw tin cans at me. Then I rolled down the stairs some more and noticed that sometimes I landed on the roof and sometimes on the mezzanine. This provided some degree of confusion for my Fitbit. Next, I hired an intern and entombed them in my lab, while forcing them to wear ridiculous clothes. That didn’t do much for figuring out which songs to include on the playlist but it did entertain me immensely. Then I entombed myself in the lab and dressed up in ridiculous clothes. Then I threw the interns down the stairs. Then I threw the neighbors down the stairs. It was settled! The playlist was complete! Enjoy the fruits of my labor!

DJ L-Town

We try not to talk about it too often, but Dance Dance Party Party has a bit of a fanbase.


Sure, there were those recent mentions in Pure Wow and Chicago Magazine (#humblebrag), but it’s particularly exciting when we hear that we’re having an influence on the next generation of dancers. So when Friend of the Dance Party Mark M. mentioned that his four- and two-year-old daughters had started having their own DDPP-inspired dance parties in their living room, we were charmed.

Snl GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

THEN we heard he’d started assembling a multi-hour playlist of songs he imagined our generation(s) of DDPP Chicago dancers would enjoy and we knew we had to get our hands on it.

Rihanna GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Some heartbreaking cuts and a sprinkle of the new Lorde later (forgive us? We’re obsessed), and all of a sudden we had only our fourth-ever playlist put together by a dude. And it ruled!

Thanks, DJ L-Town!

DJ Crock-attack On the Hunt


Talk about murder on the dancefloor! We fell prey to DJ Crock-attack’s rockin’ playlist of juicy jams last Wednesday (March 29th) with such abandon that by the end of the hour, all we wanted to do was lie in shallow water and have our bellies pet like tamed beasts. We were sweaty dancers! Hear us roar!

The calls of DJ Crock-attack (djius crocodylinae impetus):

Taking a Definitive Course of Action with DJ WiffleWaffle

Do you like waffles? Yeah, we like waffles! DJ WiffleWaffle, that is!

11 waf.gif

In spite of her moniker, DJ WiffleWaffle took a stance with her first DDPP playlist: she was going to get us movin’ with purpose last Wednesday (3/22). And she did. The lights were low, the music was high, and it gave us that chance to be the dancing queens we wanted to be. Ain’t no wafflin’ when DJ WiffleWaffle rolls out a deep crisp golden playlist!

What was on the grill:

Tinder Lovin’ Care

Since I am on a roll of posting late blog post, I decided today could be a two for one day. Many moons ago (2/12) DJ E=QC^2 shared with all of us another fast paced mix about the ups and downs, the joys and atrocities of dating in 2017 (especially in February). Dating can lead to finding your soulmate or just finding some meaningless sex. Sometimes you’re simply happy you made it though the date.

Our lovely DJ highlighted that anything can happen, and sometimes the key to getting through it is just to dance. Dance when a date is amazing, dance when a date is dud. Dance when you’re lonely, dancing when you’re surrounded by friends. For DJ E=QC^2 the key is to dance and get through it.

All of these songs except one (“How Do I Know If We Found Love”) are on Spotify.