DJ RED PAW Digs for Buried Treasure

DJ Red Paw came into the studio tonight and intro’d her playlist, explaining that she was hoping to share some old favorites, but also wanted to bring some deep cuts to the surface from some of our favorite artists.


This strategy worked like a charm.


We had to get this playlist published on the blog, STAT, because we know people are going to want to have a second listen (and be surprised by how many of the artists you know, but how many of the songs you may not.)


DJ Red Paw became an archaeologist of jams, digging deep to find the real treasures, and we are eternally grateful to have these relics ready for future generations of boogie-freaks like us.


Thank you for all you do, Red Paw! We salute you!


Call For Entries: Dance Dance Party Party Zine Zine!

MC Escher here. It just occurred to me we never put this on our blog, so with a few weeks to go I just wanted to get this out there!
DDPP Chicago is turning 10 this year!

We’re looking to do a commemorative zine about DDPP, sort of a cross between an oral history and a words/pictures type of thing. I want to hear your memories, thoughts and personal history with DDPP, whatever city or country you’re in. Write whatever you want for this (if anything), whatever length you want. It could even be a paragraph if that’s all you want to do. Lists, rants, playlist rundowns, impressions of your first time at DDPP, whatever! Or if you want to answer the questions below (I’ll post below) that’s fine too! Holler at me if you want to read the article I’m writing if that’s helpful. I want to hear from DDPP den mothers/organizers, ladies who have danced at class, ladies who have DJed, anybody that has had experience with DDPP.

If you’ve written about DDPP elsewhere and just want to point me to that to reprint or quote from that I’m fine with that too (no need to reinvent the wheel!). And of course I would be happy to cite where I’m pulling it from.

If you have any DDPP ephemera in your possession that you want to lend to the cause please let me know as well! Flyers, pictures, whatever. For example, I made the flyer above back 10 years ago when DDPP Chicago was in its baby stages.

Whatever you’d like to contribute I just ask that you get it to me BY OCTOBER 31ST at caboosezine(at)gmail(dot)com. We want to unveil it in December, and I’ll need time to design, layout and get it printed.

Pass this along to anybody that you think relevant! I’m excited to see what you send me!


MC Escher (aka Liz Mason, DDPP Chicago co-den mother)


Helpful Memory Prompts!

Feel free to answer all, some or none of the questions. Elaborate on whatever you want. Riffs, asides, sidenotes, disregarding these questions entirely encouraged.

What’s your name and DJ name?

What was/is your involvement with DDPP?

How did you hear about DDPP?

How did you get involved in DDPP?

What is your most vivid memory of DDPP?

Top DDPP memories? Weirdest/funniest DDPP memories?

How has DDPP changed since you got involved?

Thoughts about DJing or music that gets played by you or others?

What’s your dance style like? How has it evolved?

What have you gained and/or learned from DDPP?

What else do you want to say?

I look forward to hearing your stories, memories and thoughts!

Yee-haw! It’s a DJ Bell Biv Da Ho-Down!

DJ Bell Biv Da Ho is a seasoned professional when it comes to creating high-energy dance playlists for our entertainment. And when we say “seasoned,” we mean all the spices. ALL OF THEM.

We’re talking the cinnamon sweetness of pop perfection like Whitney and David Guetta.


We’re talking exotic cardamom and saffron like Bastille and Lorde.

giphy (2).gif

We’re talking kick-ass hawt spices like Lizzo and Blondie.


We’re talking cozy nutmeg spices that make us feel at home, like Queen and Tom Petty 💔


And then she masterfully blended these ingredients to make us this totally dope sonic treat, and we ate it UP.


Thank you Bell Biv Da Ho! YOUSE A HERO!


DJ Sex Frosting Lets Us Eat Cake!

We all love cake. We love chocolate cake. Carrot cake. Yellow cake. Red Velvet. Marble. Funfetti. Angel Food. Devil’s Food. Bundts. Cupcakes. Pancakes…crab cakes? Sure. Crab cakes. WE LOVE CAKE.


But more than anything else, we love the frosting, and this is something that extends to our love of people…especially people like DJ Sex Frosting.


She’s got the kind of edgy sweetness that we crave.


And yes, if she was available by the jar at the grocery store, we’d buy her in bulk and snack all day, every day.

frosting on face.gif

But until that day comes, we get a sugar high every time she creates a playlist for us, and this one was no exception. Bon appetit!

The Royal Treatment with DJ Sweet Treat

Today our sweet tooth was summoning us. It wanted something comforting, something fulfilling, something saccharine and yummy that would make our day complete…


Lucky for us, DJ Sweet Treat baked up a playlist confection that hit the spot, and topped it with royal icing!

It was such a regal affair, packed with pop princesses like Britney, Demi, and Kesha…


And our favorite queens…

giphy (1).gifgiphy (3).gif

And obviously, a handsome prince…


It was delectable through and through. And, to be honest, it truly allowed us to process the passing of the king of our heart(breakers), Tom Petty, as we danced through our feelings during “American Girl.”


We can’t wait to revisit these jams the next time we need some DJ Sweet Treat-ness in our lives!


“Own Your Joy” with DJ Disco Biscuit

DJ Disco Biscuit here!

Welp, it was our first Sunday back from our summer hiatus and…guess what?


As the Den Mama tasked with the duty of creating a playlist to commemorate this occasion, I lost sleep trying to think of the perfect theme for my playlist.

In the past, I’ve created full DDPP playlists about a number of topics, like:







…the Olympics…


…but I kept getting lost because the songs that I wanted to dance to most didn’t have anything in common. I mean, other than the fact that they all bring me incredible joy.

Oh wait…

tenor (1).gif

So yeah: the theme is JOY. We all deserve it, and so few of us allow ourselves the opportunity to embrace it often enough. It can be hard to come by during tough times, but it is so, so necessary. I hope this mix brings an exhilarated smile to your face when you give it a listen.

Own. Your. Joy.

DJ Wiffle Waffle Batters Up!

You know when you would come home from school… 📓

and you’d put off your spelling homework… 📝

Because you wanted to ride bikes with your neighbor, Vickie, in the parking lot behind your houses… 🚴

and you’d come home, wash your hands and face and sit eagerly at the table…🍽️

Will it be meatloaf? Spaghetti? Fish sticks? 🔮

And then it happens. You smell the maple sweetness in the air, you hear the sizzling of bacon on the range, and you just know…



Well, we’re all grown up now, but we’re still fully capable of experiencing that kind of joy, and it happened on Wednesday night when DJ WIFFLE WAFFLE served up some hot stacks.


We were feeling those gratifying griddle grooves for a full hour, until finally, COMPLETELY satisfied, we just…

tenor (1).gif

And then we went home, washed up, and reminisced about what a wonderful time we had…


Until next time, DJ WIFFLE WAFFLE. Thank you!

Songs of Ice and Fire with DJ Khaleesi!

We have always known our beloved DJ Khaleesi as a fierce warrior, consistently fighting the evil powers of boring playlists with her own special sensibilities and superior finds. This week was no different, but we got to see another side of her, as well, and it was SO MOVING.

Before the festivities began, she explained that she had curated her playlist (aptly titled “Magical Girl” – awwwww!) in honor of her best friend, Susan, who was visiting her from out of town.

These two have known one another for AGES, and have seen each other grow and change, through hard times, through happy times, and they’re still close as ever. I mean, they’ve been through an awful lot. For example:

Fighting evil by moonlight…


Winning love by daylight…


Never running from a real fight…


I mean, all due respect, but STEP ASIDE, SAILOR MOON. Khaleesi and Susan are a double-trouble superhero squad, and we’re so glad we got to celebrate their excellent friendship in the best way: through the magic of DANCE.


…and we’ll keep on celebrating (and you can, too!) by revisiting the playlist here:


Deep Chillin’ with DJ Brisk Ice

Before we began our boogie on Wednesday night, our heralded DJ of the evening (the one and only DJ Brisk Ice) hinted that she created a playlist that was conducive to some sweeping interpretive dances.


Brisk Ice certainly kept her word here, offering up song after song, challenging us and navigating us through her carefully curated floes.

Some parts were so fresh, we were bopping about.


Some parts were hardcore and we’d skank and we’d shout.


The jams were perfection, the workout was hearty…

giphy (1).gif

With Brisk Ice at the helm, it was SUCH a…


HUGE thanks to Brisk Ice for a night of refreshing fun! Y’all can take a look at a list of the songs she selected down below.

(Oh, and special thanks to DC Comics/Arnold Schwarzenegger for all the excellent Mr. Freeze .gifs.)

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 10.50.32 PM.png